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2011 Carbon Cub SS
2013 cowling upgrade including new starter and new cabin heat, 80-50 Catto prop, 26” tundra tires. A fresh May condition inspection. No waiting, ready to go now!!

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Engine Logs:
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High end G3X glass panel Carbon Cub with synthetic vision.

New-syle cowling, heater, and 26" tundra tires.

Ready to go now! A dual screen G3X glass panel Carbon Cub with an autopilot and extended range fuel tanks at an incredible price. A real short field performer with upgraded cross country capability too. Just over two years old and with less than 300 hours on it, this aircraft is priced to sell. Were it new from the factory in 2014, this exact same Carbon Cub would be almost $20,000 more than the current asking price.

No damage history and May 2014 condition inspection detailed with all squawks cleared, this is a very rare opportunity to get an unusually well-equipped 180 HP LSA Carbon Cub ready to go now without waiting.

Equipment List:

Performance Yellow Paint Scheme
2013 Cowling Upgrade
2013 Starter
2013 Cababin Heat Upgrade

Lightweight Lighting and Strobe Package
Extended Range Fuel Tanks
Extended Baggage Compartment and Access Door
Catto 80" x 50" Propeller
Spin on Oil Filter
26" Tundra Tires
3200-type Steerable Tailwheel
Alpha Omega Suspension System
Custom Skylight Sunshade
Upgrade Comm Antenna
Garmin GDU 370 (PFD)
Garmin GDU 375 (XM)
Becker AR6201 Transceiver
Garmin GTX23 Transponder
TruTrak GX Autopilot
Convertible Rear Seat Package


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