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Years ago, (in the early 80’s), The owner bought this aircraft as a basket case from John Loerch, who was the commander of the local Air National Guard base. He had become acquainted with John when the owner flew with him to Galesburg and later Oshkosh with him in Roy Clark’s Stearman. John bought this project for himself, but he later purchased a flying aircraft and decided to sell this one to the owner. He was in college at the time, and began to catalogue and clean parts with the hope of restoring it, only to realize he had too little time and a complete lack of skills. This started a process of hiring others to restore the aircraft as the dollars became available.

He had the fuselage shipped to California (where he was going to school) and found a shop in Half Moon Bay (led by a TransAmerica pilot) who had a passion for such aircraft. Beginning by stripping and sandblasting the bare fuselage, it was at this shop that the fuselage was completed, through silver on the fabric. He had a relationship with a wood craftsman, who rebuilt the center section using new wood. The fuselage was later trucked to Oklahoma, and the restoration was completed by Jim Dross of J & M Aircraft. We bought a set of new wood wings (it may have been their last set) from Dusters and Sprayers, and Jim did all of the assembly and final paint work. Jim had recently finished a complete award winning restoration of Roy Clarks Stearman, and when they decided to use a 300 Lycoming with a constant speed prop, the owner bought the 225 Lycoming firewall forward package from Roy. This was the same engine that I had previously flown behind on the way to Galesburg and Oshkosh. Although it only had about 50 hours since overhaul on it, it had sat idle for the previous 15 plus years, so he sent it back to the shop who did the work and had them go through it.

They got the Stearman flying again in 1998, and it now has just over 100 hours on it following the restoration. During this time, it’s always been stored indoors, and the only changes really made are to the avionics.

Bottom line, he doesn't fly it often enough and it’s time for it to be enjoyed and cared for by a new owner.

Equipment List:

PT13D E75 SN 75-5715

Lycoming R680 B4C, 225HP
Engine Time: 109 hrs SOH

Sensenich W98AA-66 SN AD 0826

Basic VFR Garmin 250XL GPS Com and Garmin 327 transponder


Airframe Logbook - pdf

Engine Logbook - pdf

Prop Logbook - pdf



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