Super Cub Services

Warren Aircraft also provides the following services are available for Super Cub's


As a seller agent by providing potential buyers with:

Complete documentation research including original equipment from the factory.
Explain benefits of any mods on the aircraft and value added.
Insure all mods are correctly documented.
Help correct any discrepancies which will add value for you and buyer.
Provide the above in a neat easy to read package to help buyers make a quick educated decision.
Provide a NAAA appraisal if requested.


As a buyer agent by providing following services and answers to:

Visual inspection of Super Cub you are interested in and logs / documentation.
What repairs have or have not been completed and associated paperwork.
Mod documentation and completion.
Values of mods on aircraft.
What can be corrected or repaired.
Provide easy to read report  on documentation and aircraft appearance.
Help with export of aircraft.
Provide a NAAA appraisal if requested.


Consulting on the following and much more:

Help design custom instrument panels including avionic packages.
Help arrange and or manage your rebuild.
Help analyze benefits and time cost of modifications.
Help you  decide on mods to fit your budget and use needs.
Help with experimental builds.